You have received a postcard because someone wants to say ”Hi!”
Now it’s your turn to send a greeting…

Project #7 is about social relationships in a time of limitless (almost) communication.
We want to develop a physical representation of a group of people, and their connection to one another, into a series of physical objects.

To do this we have sent out 100 postcards and you have just received one. When you forward your card you will be taking part in creating this object.

1. Tape over your address and add the address of your friend.
2. Place new stamps over the old ones.
3. Send it off.

By adding layer upon layer of addresses, stamps and small personal greetings we create something that is more than a simple postcard.

Entering the number on your card allows you to leave your first name, city and country. This information will be added to our map showing the progress of MADE BY: #7

MADE BY: #7 will be shown as an ongoing project at Eskilstuna Art Museum in January 2012.